Saturday, October 19, 2013

H&M VOGUE Fashion Dubai Experience and The Mauritz Archive Collection

My VOGUE Fashion Dubai Experience will never be complete without visiting my ultimate favorite store, H&M. It has been 4 years since I patronizing them ever since I moved here in U.A.E and they never fails to amuse me of such passion and dedication to their consumers, by having fashionable and trendy collections, but not hurting their pockets.
Last 10th of October, I visit their store in the Dubai Mall to check out their new Fall- Winter 2013 collection. I absolutely love the transition of colors from burgundy, navy and mustard yellow that never got out of style. Dapper pieces like well-tailored blazers, suits and ties, amazing leather shoes and bags just simply amazed me. 
The return of the come back of boots. From the last F/W I used to wear boots like everyday 24/7 and this season is the one that I love the most cause this is the perfect timing for heavy layering.
Camouflage Jackets from the collection is so dope and the leopard bomber jacket as well, more prints more styles. 
After the successful collaborations from David Beckham, Martin Maison Margiela , Marni, Versace and a lot more, H&M pays tribute to its own vault of inspiration The Mauritz Archive Collection were in they celebrates their own history. As they feature designs from their heritage that established the name Hennes and Mauritz. “Those of a certain age will remember the days when the brand was referred to as just ‘Hennes’ or ‘Hennes Mauritz,’ a simpler time when words were said in full. Heading further into the past, founded in the late 1940s, the origins of the Swedish retail giant are in part found in ‘Mauritz Widforss’, a men’s outdoor clothing store which took its cue from American activewear of the time. Situated next door to the Hennes store in Västerås, womenswear only at this point, in need of more space and as a way into the men’s market, H took over M and the rest is history.”
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